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Explore Beaver Island

Places to See and Things to Do!

The Bob S. at the Marine Museum on Beaver Island
Beaver Head Lighhouse on the south end of Beaver Island, MI
A day trip to the south end of Beaver Island.

St. James

Explore the village of St. James.  Play Outside is conveniently located only four blocks from downtown.  Take in one of the events at the Community Center.  Learn about the island's unique history at the Print Shop Museum and the Marine Museum.

Bicycling is a great way to get around St. James. There are two adult bikes to use at Play Outside. If your group needs additional bikes you can bring your own or rent them on the island.

Day Trip

Want to venture to the south end of the island?  Rent a car, grab a map and picnic lunch.  Plan a few short hikes or find a few landmarks, like the Big Rock or Protar's house.  

Stop for a picnic at Cable's Bay.  Drive a little farther and climb up the lighthouse tower.  Take an afternoon swim or just walk the beautiful beach at Iron Ore Bay.

Wind down with dinner at one of the Island's restaurants and end the day with a bonfire and s'mores on your own beautiful beach at Play Outside!

Want More Adventure? 

You can find it on Beaver Island!

Play Outside Beach House guests enjoy kayaking on Paradise Bay, Beaver Island.

Explore The Lakes

Rent kayaks for a day or for the entire week and explore a portion of the new Beaver Island Water Trail right from your beach at Play Outside.  Charter a boat for an all-day fishing excursion, a trip to the outer islands or perhaps a sunset cruise.  

One-of-a-kind handmade souvenirs from Wild Geranium Gifts on Beaver Island at Art in the Harbor


Don't forget to bring home a few souvenirs from the island's gift shops!  Handmade, original art, pottery, t-shirts, etc.   


Handmade Beavers by Wild Geraniium Gifts on Beaver Island
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