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Traveling To Play Outside 

Whether you travel by ferry or plane it's bound to be a great start to your adventure!

It's about a  two hour ferry ride from Charlevoix to Beaver Island.  We like to bring along a picnic and a game to play on the ferry.  If the weather is nice it's fun to sit outside on the top deck or walk around to the bow.  When you arrive on Beaver Island you'll have a short four-block walk to Play Outside Beach House from the ferry dock. 


Visit the Beaver Island Boat Company website for details and scheduling information.   

By Ferry

By Airplane

When you want to get to the island quickly, the plane ride takes approximately 15 minutes from Charlevoix. Since both airports on Beaver Island are out of town, you'll want to arrange for transportation once you arrive on the island.


Look under "Transportation" on the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce website for information on rental cars or contact the Charlevoix County Transit to obtain information on  the Public Transit bus.

Traveling to the Island
Aerial view of Paradise Bay, Beaver Island, MI
Heading to Beaver Island on the ferry.
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