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Play Outside in the winter?

Beaver Island summers are undeniably amazing and it's a great place to play outside! People are making their reservations for summer 2018 now. Who doesn't want to enjoy a week (or more!) of long summer days on an uncrowded beach, swimming, kayaking, relaxing... and finally... watching the stars come out around a crackling bonfire? Yesssss... count me in!

Then there's winter...ahhhh... beautiful, crisp, cold winter...... getting out to play in the winter is incredibly energizing, healthy and just plain fun! One of my favorite winter activities is cross country skiing. Whether your a beginner or have experience, you're moving... always moving... so the notion that it's too cold out... well forget it... you'll most likely be too warm after a half an hour or so!

North shore on Beaver Island, MI.

When you're out skiing it's fun to see who else has been playing outside, too! Unless you choose to ski at a mainland resort or on groomed trails, chances are the tracks you'll see aren't going to be made by people.

Does a Play Outside winter adventure on Beaver Island sound appealing to you? Empty nesters...maybe a four day XC ski weekend with old friends?

Or perhaps a simplified alternative to the usual family Christmas. Our experience with that idea this year was amazing, especially for me! It was the first year since becoming a mother that I wasn't completely exhausted on Christmas day! Instead of spending the day opening gifts (that had to be bought and wrapped) and eating lots of food (that had to be purchased and prepared); we hiked in the wilderness for 12 miles and felt healthy, and thankful and blessed!

What do you think about visiting Play Outside on Beaver Island in the wintertime? Right now, we're contemplating the pros and cons of taking reservations at Play Outside next winter. If you, or someone that you know, would enjoy a Play Outside winter adventure we'd love to hear from you!

Time to go outside and play!

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